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Design & Media

As well as developing Online Stores and WordPress websites, On The Bayou Productions provide custom design services to cover all your other online needs. Whether you require creative banners and ads for your web site or a more branded and personal look to your Social Media presence, Facebook, Twitter and so forth, we are here to help. We are also skilled in the development of HTML5 animated sliders which offer you an even more dynamic means of promoting your message.


CD Artwork

However you distribute your music, either on cd or via download, you need a strong and unique cover design. It has to capture the essence of both the artist and the music. We work closely with all our artists to ensure that the end design truly represents their vision. So, if you’re about to release a new album but are still struggling with a cover design, then On The Bayou Productions may well have the answer.

e-Book Artwork

Writers quickly learn that penning the book is only half the process. How your work is packaged and marketed is also of great importance. When browsing the displays in a bookshop or the listings of an online store it is usually the cover of a title that first attracts your attention. Our cover design service for e-Books and print will give your book that creative edge and invaluable ‘pick-me-up’ factor.